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    Ecological Economics

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    Shmelev Stanislav E.

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This book is devoted to the MSc and first year PhD students reading for degrees in Environmental Change and Management, Ecological Economics, Environmental Management, Philosophy, Politics and Economics and taking part in similar programmes. The current text is designed to be a concise, crisp, and elegant guide packed with references for students with some background in economics, environmental science or mathematics aimed at developing their analytical skills required for redirecting our development path towards sustainability in government, international organisations, academia, non-profit sector and business. It builds on the idea that a significant adjustment of the current economic theories is required, which was recently supported by the emerged world economic crisis, the climatic and biodiversity crisis the world is currently facing and the enormously slow progress that has been made in the field of reorientation of the global economy towards sustainability. The book adopts a positive approach for problem solving and strategic development, which is aimed at educating the future decision makers and business leaders.

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Part I: Theory of Ecological Economics