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The vacuum cleaner is an item you will find in almost everyhousehold. These machines work to remove dirt and dust from your homeand provide a cleaner environment for you and your family. Some vacuumsimprove the quality of the air using sophisticated filtration systems.A good vacuum can make the home a safer and more comfortable place foreveryone, especially those who are sensitive to particulate matter likedust and dander. Caring for your vacuum is important to ensure years ofoperation. There are various parts that keep your vacuum runningsmoothly. It is important to understand what these parts are and how tobest maintain them.

The vacuum bag is an important partof many vacuums on the market. There are some that do not require a bagbut most do. Bags come in different sizes for different vacuums. Whenshopping for bags you will need the make and model of your vacuumcleaner. You should change the bag in your vacuum cleaner at least oncea month. If you vacuum frequently or suffer from allergies you may needto change the bag more often. How to change the bag on your vacuumdepends on what kind it is. Refer to the owner's manual forinstructions on replacing the vacuum bag.

Some vacuumcleaners take filters. Modern cleaners that provide HEPA filtrationwill need to have their filters replaced on a regular basis. Anotherpart of your vacuum that you may need to replace is the belt. Sometimesvacuum belts do break or wear out and when they do, it is necessary toreplace them. Once again, you will need to refer to the instructionalmanual that came with your vacuum for instructions on how to change thebelts. Belts are not one size fits all so make sure to have your makeand model number handy when shopping.

You can purchasereplacement vacuum cleaner parts at a number of places. Stores likeWal-Mart and K-Mart that sell vacuum cleaners often have a modestselection of parts and accessories. Another option is to order themdirectly from the manufacturer. Or, you can shop online. This isperhaps the easiest thing to do. There are lots of sites thatspecialize in vacuum cleaners, parts and accessories for many differenttypes of vacuum cleaners.